Top 30 Tips For Choosing A Roller Derby Name

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Need help choosing your roller derby alter ego? Can’t decide what moniker you’d like to be known by? Here’s a handy list of tips for choosing a derby skater name:

  1. The thesaurus is your friend, refer to it often.
  2. Consider spinoffs of celebrities, politicians, song lyrics or cartoon characters you like.
  3. It’s very possible your coveted name may be unavailable or too similar to a name already in the directory, so don’t get too attached until you’ve had confirmation.
  4. Consider words that might describe your personality, your physical characteristics, your skating style.
  5. Draft your teammates to help brainstorm ideas.
  6. Consider how your name will be pronounced – then think about how that might sound when a frantic emcee is calling plays at your next bout.
  7. Your new nickname will be plastered all over your gear, it would be a shame if it was too long to fit on your helmet, the back of your jersey, or your fans’ signs they might wave around in the crowd.
  8. Be prepared. Your nickname might be shortened – your teammates might end up calling you just the profane word or body part you decided to use in your name.
  9. Think about a name that could potentially stand the test of time – if you’re still skating in 5 to 10 years, are you going to be cool with what you picked?
  10. Would you be comfortable telling your grandmother, brother, daughter, about your nickname?
  11. Test drive your new name, or a few, or a few variations, before you commit to it.
  12. Get creative! Make a list of adjectives, colors, characteristics, favorite foods, or childhood things you loved.
  13. Start with your own name or a derivative of it and pair with an adjective that describes your skating personality.
  14. Pick a quality that you love about yourself to emphasize in your derby persona.
  15. Pick a quality that you don’t love and put a positive spin on it.
  16. When you were a kid, what superhero did you most admire, or what superpower did you most want? Consider your derby name your chance to take on that role.
  17. Make a list of names you like, then revise it. Then sleep on it. It’s possible your perfect name will just click with you, but you may have to try it on for awhile and it will grow on you.
  18. Your roller derby name should inspire you and make you feel proud to be a derby skater.
  19. Consider if you’d like your derby name to reflect more of an evil villain or good guy persona.
  20. Simpler can often times be better.
  21. Complex can work too, but ask yourself if you want to explain what your derby name means over and over again if it isn’t immediately obvious to most people.
  22. What were your favorite subjects in school, or to read about? What keywords from those subjects might you incorporate?
  23. Consider that there’s always the possibility of legal implications at some point down the road if you use a trademarked brand name in your roller derby moniker.
  24. Consider ideas using an adjective and its opposite. Devil/angel, hot/cold, good/evil, dark/light, fierce/sly, etc.
  25. Puns and plays on words are super popular among roller derby names -  while common ideas will most likely be taken, there’s plenty of opportunity to get creative.
  26. Invent an alter ego persona before you come up with your name. Skate with your league, develop your skating style, think about what draws you to derby before you officially name yourself.
  27. Spend some time perusing the roller derby name roster – this might help spark your own ideas, (just be careful not to bite another skater’s name!)
  28. Consider names based on your favorite holidays, occupation, geographical location or your own heritage.
  29. If you’re bent on having a name that’s already registered on the master list, you can always tweak it & get in touch with the original owner of the name to see if they’d be okay with you taking on a similar name. But in general, the more unique your name is, the better of you’ll be.
  30. Above all, your name is personal – your opinion counts above all. Choose a name you feel good about and own it.

Roller Derby Name Suggestions

Here’s a list of words to help spark some ideas for your own roller derby moniker:

Fearless, dreamy, manic, vicious, pretty, ugly, hopeful, sinful, aggressive, sharp, wild card, harlot, vixen, queen, king, thief, zombie, shark, doll, damsel, dominate, summer, spring, babe, foxy, cinnamon, freak, havoc, sky, megabyte, fireworks, metal, steel, ruby, indigo, misfit, icy, honey bee, jazz, cash, crutch, crimp, one hitter, perfect, crazy, punchy, riot, chase, chaos, cool, slick, sass, saucy, serial, heat, tiger, rosy, star, dixie, bunny, bloody, breaker, crusher, illegal, fire, flame, ferocious, murder, killer, bomber, hurt, attitude, maverick, heretic, salt, violet, blush, bruise, kitten, holy, maiden, miss, molly, blocker, protagonist, antagonist, malaria, homicide, heckler, hair line fracture, goldie, mega, alpha, dolly, dead, dye, master, wench, flapper, firewall, gin, vodka, tequila, rum, spark, firefly, hornet, gator, dissent, push, pop, flex, irony, cat, dime, penny, nickel, dirty, feisty, fresh, violent, beach, sea, ache, fry, idol, heartbreak, cherry, plum, disobedience, crime, needle, punch, clock, gauge, berry, karat, diamond, knock out, KO, caffeine, renegade, warrior, sour, night terror, grace, wonderland, vendetta, vex, battle, atomic, kiss, cop, creep, baby, bad, sister, temper, touchy, trooper, steal, blue, blondie, bombshell, explode, bones, chemical, blues, aqua, quiet, keeper, deadly, diva, diablo, late night, last call, drink, olive, poison, rainbow, razorblade, rope burn, reader, wrecker.

Have suggestions to add? Want to share your discarded roller derby name ideas? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below:

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