Training For Roller Derby

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Whether you’re fresh meat or a seasoned skater, the most important thing to realize is that roller derby is a serious sport and you must train like an athlete to reach your best potential.

If you’re serious about playing roller derby, you must work on your fitness! Practicing with your teammates twice a week may feel like all the exercise you could ever want, but your skill set and endurance levels will improve dramatically if you train on a regular schedule!

Roller Derby Training & Exercise Tips:

  • Cardio is your friend! Consider interval training – switching off from high intensity to low intensity for the duration of your workout.
  • Consider working up to aerobic exercise 4 to 5 days per week. Remember to switch up your aerobic activity – boredom is the workout killer!
  • Skate long, skate strong. Skating Laps – interval training during a lap workout will improve your endurance levels. Work up to 2 minutes of high intensity training – especially if you’re a jammer – this is the duration of the jam!
  • Yoga is an excellent activity to consider for roller girls who feel a bit unsteady on their skates. You have issues with balance and coordination.
  • Strength training when combined with cardio workouts will have you arriving at optimal roller derby performance levels much quicker. Exercises for working toward your best roller derby athlete shape include: squats, leg presses, lunges, calf raises and core work. The stronger your core muscles, the better your balance will be.
  • As with all training and exercise – the scale is generally a poor indicator for your progress.
  • Keep your diet in check. Start looking at food as fuel for your body. You are what you eat! Do you want to be a muffin or a lean (fresh) meat? :-)
  • ¬†Push yourself! You’ll want to keep a notebook to keep track of your goals. It may feel like you aren’t gaining stamina – until you look back at how far you’ve come!


Recap – if you’re trying to get in shape to play roller derby – start out with reasonable goals, make healthy choices, exercise & skate, skate, skate!